The Athenaeum of Ohio

Cincinnati, OH

The Athenaeum of Ohio, located in Cincinnati, is home to an esteemed graduate school that offers a range of programs for students seeking advanced theological education. As a seminary of the Catholic Church, the Athenaeum provides a faith-based education that combines academic rigor with spiritual formation. The graduate school offers several degree options, including Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theology, and Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, among others.

At the Athenaeum's graduate school, students receive a comprehensive education that equips them for ministry and leadership roles within the Church and the broader community. The Master of Divinity program prepares students for priesthood, offering courses in areas like biblical studies, theology, pastoral ministry, and liturgy. Students can also specialize in specific areas such as philosophy, canon law, or religious education. The Master of Arts programs cater to those interested in deepening their theological knowledge and developing skills for pastoral work or teaching.

A significant aspect of the graduate school at the Athenaeum is its emphasis on spiritual formation. Students are provided ample opportunities to delve into their faith and discern their calling through prayer, retreats, and spiritual direction. This holistic approach to theological education nurtures both the intellectual and spiritual growth of individuals, encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with God and compassionately serve others. The faculty, comprising experienced scholars and dedicated practitioners, support and guide students throughout their academic journey, ensuring a transformative graduate school experience at The Athenaeum of Ohio.

Located in Cincinnati, OH, The Athenaeum of Ohio is a private graduate school. This school follows a semester-based calendar. Here are some latest information on important things to consider about The Athenaeum of Ohio.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Graduate Students



Student Body

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Main Student Body

The school has an overall of 96 students, according to the data from 2021.

Student Population Gender Ratio

In 2021, this school reported to have 87 male and 9 female students.


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Tuition and Fees

Here are some facts that can be useful if you were curious about The Athenaeum of Ohio estimated tuition fees.

Tuition in 2021 was $22,000 for full-time domestic students. As The Athenaeum of Ohio is a private institution, tuition is the same for all the accepted students. For students who don't live in the state in which the university is located, the tuition was $22,000 in 2021. If you are an international student at The Athenaeum of Ohio, you should know that the 2021 tuition amounted to $22,000, as well.

Tuition Fees Total
Out-of-State $22,000 Not Available $ 22,000

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The Athenaeum of Ohio is located in Cincinnati, OH.

According to the latest information, the tuition for The Athenaeum of Ohio is 22,000 USD a year.

Contact Information

The Athenaeum of Ohio,

6616 Beechmont Avenue

Cincinnati, OH


513 231-2223

School Website

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