Selma University

Selma, AL

The graduate school at Selma University offers a range of advanced degree programs aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and personal development, Selma University provides students with a supportive and stimulating learning environment. The graduate school is committed to promoting research, intellectual growth, and community service, preparing graduates to become leaders in their professions and make a positive impact on society.

One notable feature of the graduate school at Selma University is its diverse array of programs. Whether students are interested in pursuing a master's degree in fields such as business administration, education, counseling, or divinity, Selma University offers a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. The faculty consists of experienced educators and professionals who aim to provide students with a well-rounded education and individual attention.

Apart from its robust academic offerings, Selma University's graduate school also strives to create a supportive community. Students have access to resources such as mentoring programs, tutoring services, and career counseling, which are designed to enhance their academic performance and help them succeed in their future careers. Additionally, the graduate school fosters a strong sense of community by encouraging collaboration and networking opportunities among students, faculty, and alumni.

Overall, the graduate school at Selma University is a vibrant institution dedicated to providing students with the tools they need to achieve their academic and professional goals. With a focus on academic excellence, diverse programs, and a supportive environment, Selma University's graduate school offers a comprehensive education that prepares graduates to excel in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to society.

Selma University is a private comprehensive higher education institution located in Selma, AL. This educational institution operates on a semester-based calendar. To find out more about what Selma University has to offer to its students, read on for the latest data reported by this school.

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Tuition and Fees

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Selma University is a private institution, so tuition is the same for all the accepted students. Tuition fees were $4,800 for students coming from out of state. For the students coming from abroad, tuition at this school was $4,800, as well.

Tuition Fees Total
Out-of-State $4,800 Not Available $ 4,800

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Selma University is located in Selma, AL.

According to the latest information, the tuition for Selma University is 4,800 USD a year.

Contact Information

Selma University,

1501 Lapsley Street

Selma, AL


334 872-2533

School Website

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