New England Law - Boston

Boston, MA

The graduate school at New England Law - Boston offers an array of programs tailored for professionals seeking to further their legal education. The school provides an environment that fosters in-depth research, critical thinking, and practical skills development, equipping students for success in their chosen careers. With a diverse faculty composed of experienced practitioners, students benefit from a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience.

At the graduate school, students have the opportunity to pursue various programs, including the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program and the Master of Science in Law (MSL) program. The LL.M. program allows students to specialize in fields such as Intellectual Property Law, International Law, and Taxation Law, providing them with a deeper understanding of these complex legal areas. On the other hand, the MSL program focuses on equipping non-lawyers with a strong legal foundation, enabling them to navigate the legal landscape effectively.

The graduate school at New England Law - Boston is committed to the success of its students and provides ample resources to support their academic endeavors. The law library offers an extensive collection of legal resources and research assistance, while the faculty is readily available to provide guidance and mentorship. Additionally, the school offers various networking and career development opportunities, connecting students with legal professionals and potential employers.

Overall, the graduate school at New England Law - Boston provides a rigorous and comprehensive legal education for professionals seeking to expand their expertise. With a diverse range of programs, experienced faculty, and a commitment to student success, the school offers an environment where students can thrive and become well-prepared legal professionals.

New England Law - Boston is a private graduate school located in Boston, MA and set in an urban environment. This school follows a semester-based calendar. Learn more about what New England Law - Boston has to offer based on the most recent data this institution has reported.

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Total Number of Graduate Students


Student to Faculty Ratio

Student Body

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Main Student Body

The total number of students at this school is 560, according to the information reported in 2018.

Student Population Gender Ratio

In 2018, this school reported to have 218 male and 342 female students. The fact that there are more female than male students speaks volumes about the significance gendar equality has at this institution.

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Student to Faculty Ratio

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According to the latest information, the total number of faculty teaching at the institution is 42. There were 26 male and 16 female teachers at this school in 2018.

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New England Law - Boston is located in Boston, MA.

Contact Information

New England Law - Boston,

154 Stuart Street

Boston, MA


617 451-0010

School Website

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