Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute

Brooklyn, NY

The graduate school at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute (BHSY) is a renowned institution that offers advanced degrees in Jewish studies. Located in Brooklyn, New York, BHSY provides a rigorous academic environment for students looking to deepen their understanding of Jewish history, literature, philosophy, and law. With expert faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, the graduate school prepares students for leadership roles in synagogues, educational institutions, and community organizations.

The graduate programs at BHSY are designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in Jewish studies while honing critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. Students can pursue a Master of Arts degree in areas such as Biblical Studies, Rabbinic Literature, Jewish Philosophy, Halacha (Jewish law), and Jewish Education. The coursework is carefully curated to offer a balance between traditional texts and contemporary scholarship, giving students a solid foundation in Jewish thought and practice.

Beyond the classroom, the graduate school at BHSY offers a vibrant and supportive academic community. Students have the opportunity to engage in frequent discussions with renowned scholars in the field, collaborate on research projects, and participate in conferences and seminars. The school also provides resources and support for students to pursue internships and practical experiences relevant to their areas of study. Overall, the graduate school at BHSY is a hub of scholarly excellence and intellectual growth, preparing students for successful careers in Jewish academia and leadership.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is a private four-year college. This academic institution uses a semester-based calendar. Learn more about what Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute has to offer based on the most recent data this institution has reported.


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Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Contact Information

Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute,

4102-10 Sixteenth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY


718 854-2290

School Website

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